Lowcountry Oyster Angel

Lowcountry Oyster Angel

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Bringing Oceans of Love🦪🦪
My Low Country Angels are handmade with the most exquisite attention to detail, and to top it off, every shell is collected locally from the coastline of South Carolina! Our new collection of angels make for such a special, memorable gift...each one is a work of art in itself! 

No two are ever exactly alike, but each is made using a local oyster shell, several other miniature shells and pearls, faux oakmass, wooden beads, ribbon, and a ring crown. Each has a gift tag and hanger to use as an ornament.

Approx. 5 inches long x 3 inches wide but size will vary.

Inscribed "Oceans of Love, Mount Pleasant SC" on reverse.

Image shows a wide variety of the angels. Any questions about specific pieces should be sent via email to shopzinnia@gmail.com